August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday is a term stated for the holidays granted to bank employees of UK and Ireland. The holidays are celebrated as summer holidays. There is a brief history behind this holidays. Earlier in the United Kingdom only four banking holidays were observed by the banking staff, which is too less compared to the working days. The four holidays were 1st May as May day, 1st November as Saints day, Christmas and Good Friday. Sir John Lubbock, who was a politician as well as a banker introduced this holidays in 1871. So in gratitude towards, his deed, people also call these days as Sir John Lubbock days. There is no pay cut for observing holidays on these days and even if some people want to work on that day, they will be paid an extra wage. Like always, August bank holiday 2014 will be observed on the last Monday of August month. In 2014, it is on 25th August in UK.

august 2014 bank holiday

When will August Bank Holiday 2014 Be Observed?

Earlier August Bank holidays were observed on the first Monday of August but now it was shifted to last Monday of August. Ireland is still observing that same old fashion of celebrating the holiday on the first Monday of August. These holidays also mark the end of summer. In the year 2014, Summer holiday will be observed on 25th August in UK and 4th August in Scotland.

Celebrations of Summer Festival

The Notting Hill Carnival is celebrated in London during this time. We expect August bank holiday 2013 celebration will be similar to like previous years. The festival’s major attraction is the live and peppy dresses, dance and music in the traditional manner, playing steel drum band. The history of this festival is a protest against racism, living standards and poor wages by the immigrants of the Carribean which is now observed as a festival. In earlier years, there were lots of mishaps and disorders during this festival but now condition has changed. This festival is now considered as second largest street carnival, attracting over two million people and extended to multicultural celebration. In case, if you happen to be in UK during this period, then we highly recommend to be the part of this festival madness.

august bank holiday

How do people enjoy August Bank holiday?

It is like making most of the days of the August Bank Holiday in 2014. Some people enjoy it in their particular manner like gardening, relaxing at home or going for beach holidays, taking part in street carnival. You can expect lots of traffic on the road because of 3 days long holiday celebrations. If you are an outsider and wish to visit the festival or the UK and Ireland then plan to have a prior booking everywhere. You may get public transport system but all run according to local holiday time tables. Grocery shops, pubs and other relevant systems can be found open but for a limited period of time. Banks, schools, colleges, offices and all other businesses are closed during these long weekend. In fact, schools mostly open after this holidays and hence this is the right for the people to enjoy the August bank holiday with their family members. Family get together is often done during this time. People often throws a small party or kitty party at their home and enjoy rest of their weekend with family members.

Events taking place during August Bank Holiday 2014

Out and out, August bank holiday 2014 is for relaxation of people and declare the arrival of autumn. Multiple events such as horse racing, exhibitions pertaining to show case talents of local artists, musical events and performances, sporting events, agricultural events, local festivals.

august bank holiday 2014

Since August Bank holidays fall in between the school vacations, families plan to go out for a short trips. What are you planning to do on August bank holiday 2014? Sound off in the comment section below.